Transformation Coaching - BMFit
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Transformation Coaching

Welcome to your new life!

✓ Optimise fat burning using foods you choose to eat and when!

✓ NO counting calories, NO cutting carbs, NO marathon workouts.

✓ Eat without feeling deprived or dieting.

✓ Achieve and maintain your results even when life gets busy.

✓ Only exercise 2-3 hours per week.


Are you struggling to lose weight? Or can lose weight but just can’t keep it off? Do you jump from diet to diet trying to find something that works long term?

Are you serious about transforming your body

Are you serious about transforming your body both inside and out through methods you’ll learn to maintain for life?

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, an injury to come back from, build or maintain strength through pre and postpartum or just really want to tone up and gain self confidence again you’ve come to the right place!

Each program runs 12 weeks at a time.

  • 9 nutrition consultations over the 12 weeks.
  • Access to online training app with personalised science proven workouts ready for the gym.
  • Weekly activity plan including strength sessions, hiit and general cardio.
  • How to get results without counting calories or following a diet!
  • Provide you with simple meal construction guidelines so you can build your own meal plan based on YOUR  requirements from plenty of delicious recipes.
  • Delicious meals and recipes to choose from – some make in under 10 minutes!
  • Metabolic timing – learn how to make food work for you!
  • Monthly in depth body composition assessment.
  • Reset metabolism to optimise fat burning potential.
  • 6 secrets of a successful transformation.
  • Hard copy learning tool that will be your companion through out.
  • Unlimited support.
Before you start,
we need to make sure we’re the right fit.

FREE initial consult (in person or via Facebook messenger)
before you need to commit to anything! Who we’re looking to work with……

We’re here to transform lives and get results, not to waste anyone’s time or hard earned money!
If the following description sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

You can commit to 2-4 training sessions a week at your gym
You’re ready to put yourself first
You don’t know where to begin. You need someone who has been in your shoes and has done it themselves to show you the way
You’re not scared to work hard, but you’ve struggled to achieve the results you’re after
You’ve tried plenty of diets, apps, fitness memberships but nothing seems to work or be sustainable
You don’t need motivation to go for your goals but you do need accountability and structure