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Strength Training

Body shaping resistance sessions!
  • 45 minute focused intense resistance exercise sessions suitable for all ages and fitness levels. (FIRE sessions)
  • Tone up, fire your metabolism and burn more fat!
  • Increase strength and build muscle (no this doesn’t mean you’ll get bulky, the more muscle you have the more efficiently your metabolism will work and burn excess body fat!)
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Break through plateaus with weight loss and strength goals
  • Receive the Fat Loss Special Report FREE!


If you’d like to sign up or have any further questions please send us a DETAILED message and we’ll be in contact ASAP =)

Available 1on1 – $60

Have some friends to train with?

Split the cost of $80 per session

(paid up front or via weekly direct debit)

LOCATION: Revolution Gym at Seagulls AND Piggabeen NSW

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