NAME: Shireen Rigdy

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For our first ever profile I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with the lovely Shireen and find out a bit about what she does and how she goes about her training. This is the first of our monthly profiles of fitness and health professionals. If you have any questions or a professional you’d like interviewed comment below! Hope you enjoy.

1.How many days per week do YOU work out?

ANSWER: Usually I workout everyday so 7 days a week. If I have a rest day I probably go for a walk along the beach but I don’t feel like I need a rest day and studying exercise science I know your body can endure so much more than our mind can.

2.What do YOU eat before and after a workout?

ANSWER: So before I workout I just make sure I’ve got my protein in and some good fats. Then after a workout I’ll have my protein shake and then I’ll usually have some form of carbohydrates like sweet potato and rice. Or my absolute favorite is oats, banana with a scoop of protein or with a little honey. That’s just to spike your insulin and bring your blood sugar levels back down. .
Usually they say have carbohydrates before a workout and you’re saying good fats and protein. Why not carbohydrates?
I guess really it’s so you deplete your carbohydrate stores first and then you replace them after your workout. I think it’s called carb backloading. During my first comp I was having carbohydrates before a workout but now I’m having two carbohydrate meals after my workouts. I feel there is a difference. My body is a lot different now than it was last comp.

Q3.What cardio do you do and how often?11212785_10206471043675569_5085050545746217005_n

ANSWER: I’ll do 5 weight sessions then I’ll have the two days where I’ll do cardio. So I might just do intervals on the treadmill or I just love my beach walks!

Q4.What is your favorite exercise?

ANSWER: Squats! oh and deadlifts. I don’t care which variation I just love heavy squats.

Q5.What’s your favorite type of exercise e.g( weights/HIIT/Cardio )

ANSWER: It’s a bit of a mixture. I love doing a hiit circuit. So I incorporate weights as well as cardio.
What would an example of your circuit training be?
So, as an example. Yesterday I did 25 seconds on the rower, then I had a dumbbell and did 5 shoulder clean and press each arm, 20 kettlebell squats and finished with 10 burpees. I then had 30 seconds break and I repeat the whole cycle 5 times.
I like keeping my heart rate up, I sweat it’s fast and I know I worked out.

Q6.What help’s you get motivated to workout?

ANSWER: Food. (Laughs) No seriously. Before I did my comp I would train twice a day just because I wanted to eat. Or, I ate so now I have to go workout.

Q7.What’s your favorite recipe or meal?

ANSWER: I love rice! My Mum’s cooks a lot of rice and casseroles like slow cooked beef or chicken. She cooks her rice a specific way. So she cooks it in a saucepan and puts potato on the bottom of the saucepan so that the potato cooks and it goes crispy and then cooks the rice as well and then you turn it over. It’s so good! So yer, probably just rice and potato or my oats with banana.
So you like your carbs? Oh, yes I do but I also like my fats like peanut butter.

Q8.How did you get into doing fitness comps? and why do you do them?

PoTM-Shireen-img1ANSWER: So I’ve been training since I was at school, I’ve always been a sporty person. But then to actually do a comp, probably I broke up with my boyfriend and then I just partied heaps and was going out and enjoying life like 3 or 4 times a week. I got really unhappy with the way I looked and I knew I needed have a goal to work towards to help me get back into shape and keep me focused. So I decided to do a comp, and a lot of people were mentioning that I should do one so I thought why not! I chose a comp because I wanted to look the way they do and have that body.
When was your first comp?
I did my first last September. But feels like a lifetime ago.

Q9.What would you recommend to anyone who’s wanting to go down the path of fitness comps?

ANSWER: Research your coaches! I hear some crazy stories about how they’re either starved or over trained and the coaches just don’t know what they’re doing and it’s really important to just ask what their method is. Because really making sure you get your fats in and keep a balance is so important because you don’t want to cause metabolic disturbances. You don’t want to starve yourself to get lean. You want to do it properly. So make sure your coach knows what they’re talking about, especially with nutrition as that’s probably the most important. If you restrict yourself for to long you’re going to end up blowing out and putting all the weight back on.

Q10.What’s a typical day’s meal plan when you are preparing for comps?

ANSWER: It changes every week. We do skin folds each week and obviously trying to get leaner week by week. I’ve maintained my weight which is relatively good so I haven’t lost muscle but my skin folds have been decreasing so my body fat has been decreasing. All my meals have protein and vegetables. So I’ll run through quickly.
I’ve done a 16 week prep. First month or so is protein and all colourful vegetables and two carbohydrate meals after my training, also WPI protein and I started on 1900 calories. That slowly decreases each week. So my protein got replaced with egg whites and humapro so less calories. So post training I now have humapro, not WPI protein. I had tuna, chicken and red meat. Now my tuna got replaced with fish and my red meats got replaced with chicken and my last meal before bed was a protein shake and now that’s egg whites. Like an omelette with spinach.
I eat 6 times a day. Wake up have egg whites with coconut oil and 50g veggies. Next meal if I’m training 90g chicken 150g veggies and good fats. I train, then have humapro. Sweet potato and chicken and veggies (no fats) then another chicken meal and a fish meal with 150g of veggies with each and then the egg whites before bed.
Why do you eat right before you go to bed? Isn’t that bad for digestion?
No, by eating just before bed you’re keeping your metabolism working. It’s all about keeping your blood glucose levels maintained. If you’ve always got food to go your metabolism is always going to be working.

Q11.What advice would you give to a women starting out exercising?

ANSWER: Go buy some new clothes. Because it motivates you. Also get some good music and just have fun. Get in there and just workout.

Q12.What advice would you give to someone who’s stopped seeing results but still training?

ANSWER: Just ask for help. Look at what you are doing and change it up. Whether it be your eating, you might need to go up in your weights, or maybe you’re not sleeping enough. There’s obviously something every day that you need to change up because you’ve plateaued. Our bodies become accustomed to what we do so eventually after time of doing something over and over again it’s just not going to get you the results.

Q13. How much time do you prep for? Is it always 16 weeks?

ANSWER: No, you don’t have to, it depends. My first comp I did an 18 week prep. I had a little more body fat to lose and obviously build muscle. But this comp I’ve only done 16 weeks. So depending on where you’re starting. 12 – 16 weeks.

Q14. Do you have any tips for getting through the girly week? Do u still train?

PoTM-Shireen-img3ANSWER: When you go through comp prep a girls cycle will go a bit out of whack because you are restricting calories so much. So I didn’t get mine for about 6 months.
What about before you did your first comp? No I still always exercised, I probably wouldn’t go for as long, I’d do it for as long as I felt I could. I knew I had to exercise every day to stay healthy and I knew the health benefits so its just something I do everyday. You eat every day so why not exercise. Have a shower, feel fresh, put on some makeup and get going.

Q15. What do you believe are the keys to achieving the body you want?

ANSWER: A lot of it is nutrition. Making sure you’re getting the right nutrition for your body and not starving yourself. You don’t need to eat less, you just need to eat the right foods. Not ice-cream and chocolate. Well you still have to do it because if you go cold turkey you’re just going to binge and then that’s not good for anything because you feel shit about yourself and like ‘I can’t believe I just ate so much’. So in my first month of comp prep I had two re-feed days where I’d have a cheat meal. So in the middle of the week I could eat whatever I liked that was still healthy like subway or sushi or nandos after my workout that was out of my actual meal plan. Then on Sunday I’d have whatever I like for dessert or dinner. You need that for your body and for your mind. You have something to look forward to one, and you’re also not going to just go crazy from depriving yourself. Then you also shock your body so your insulin levels go up really high and your metabolism kicks in.

Q16. What’s your cheat meal?

ANSWER: I love pizza. I don’t actually really eat ‘bad’ food it’s just a lot of food that I love so my portion sizes would be a lot bigger. What I’d love is the protein with oats and banana. Or chocolate and ice-cream. Making cold rock at home =) Mmmmm salt and pepper calamari is also yum.

Q17. How do you stay committed during comp prep?

ANSWER: Well it’s a selfish thing to do, prepping for comp. Because you’ve got to make sure you get all your meals in at certain times, you can’t eat out, you lose your social life. You just need to stay focused on what YOU want. It can be fun if you’ve got the support and like doing the same things with someone. Even working out in the same gym at the same time.