Do you want to achieve optimal health and fitness?

As you go about your workout routine, regardless of whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building, or simply to boost your health and fitness level, one thing that you must make sure is in place is a high level of persistence.
Nothing is going to help you continually make sure you move forward and see the progress you’re after like sheer determination and persistence.
Those who don’t quite have the persistence level they need will often let one little life event or mishap cause them to completely fall off track, derailing their goals.
Let’s look further at what this is and why it’s so important.
The Power Of Persistence
Persistence can be essentially defined as your tenacity and desire to push through anything that comes your way. Basically, you have your mind set on the light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t matter how many turns you take as you move through that tunnel, you are going to push through.

Nothing is going to stand in your way.

Those who are able to persist and keep going regardless of what life dishes out to them only tend to get stronger. With each element that tries to bring them down – that they then go on to overcome – they only get that much more determined to see success.
They’re stronger because of those roadblocks and use that to forge onward into the future.
Contrast this to those who don’t have that persistent quality. Instead, those individuals are going to be more prone to getting upset and letting those road blocks take them down; even if just for a little while.
Instead of each roadblock building these individuals up, they tear them down meaning they have less tenacity moving forward.
Over time, with each road block that occurs, this really starts adding up and can significantly influence their progression.

The Art Of Keeping On When The Going Gets Tough
So what do those who have persistence do differently? How is it that they possess this desired trait but you do not?
The key to maintaining this persistent attitude is to focus on any and all progress you’re making.
Regardless of whether you simply lifted five more pounds while doing your squats or ran another minute, celebrate that victory. It’s a step in the right direction.
No matter how small, take the time to acknowledge your success. If you do this, you’ll get a nice boost to your own self-belief in your ability to achieve what you want with each step that you take.
This in turn leads to more effort on your part and a greater desire to achieve everything that you set out to achieve.
Far too many people get caught up focusing on all the negatives of any situation. Each time you make a mistake, you feel like a failure and this decreases your persistence even further.
Look on the bright side of everything. It can be hard but regardless of what’s happened, always look at the positives and you might just be surprised at how this influences your persistent nature.