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F.A.Q / Support

Some question women ask.

Can I really get the same results from online coaching?

You 100% can! Through online coaching you get exactly the same nutritional coaching as in person. We have meetings each week just the same. The only difference is you’ll be doing your exercise alone but this will still be designed for you personally with your goals/limitations tailored too…You’ll have instructional videos to teach you to do the correct technique and at any time can send through videos of you performing an exercise to get feedback.

Why do I need to commit to a minimum term?

Results don’t happen overnight. I am not about quick fixes, if this is what you are after then we are not the right fit. With my transformation coaching I take you through step by step to learn how to eat and exercise not just to get results “now” but to sustain your results for the rest of your life. This is not a diet it’s a way of life and as such takes time to learn and perfect. This is why we must be the right fit to work together. You need to have a “why”, only then are you ready to commit to a lifestyle change.

Why can’t you just give me a meal plan? I just need something I can follow?

If I were to give you a meal plan how long would you follow it? A week, maybe a month (if your really committed). But what then, you’d get bored and slide into old habits. This is why I help and guide you to create your own plans! You need to be in control to maintain motivation long term. It isn’t sustainable for anyone’s life to be stuck to a meal plan day in, day out. I will teach you how to eat and get results while enjoying so much delicious food, you won’t feel like your missing out on anything!

Available 1on1 – $60
Have some friends to train with?
Split the cost of $80 per session

(paid up front or via weekly direct debit)

LOCATION: Revolution Gym at Seagulls AND Piggabeen NSW

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