I’m sure many of us have experienced at least one (if not all) of these pains/injuries whilst working out! They can start off as small annoyances but if not taken care of and rectified, they can lead to serious injuries further down the track. It is important to workout, however, if you are not using correct technique, then sometimes you can be doing more harm than good! It is all about listening to your body and understanding why what you are doing may be wrong.

Sore Neck While Training Abs

SoreNeck Ab exercises are some of my favourite exercises (I’m crazy I know!), but it is so satisfying to see your abs pop one day after all the hard work you have put in! I love how the more you train your abs the stronger your core gets and you are suddenly able to do more reps or exercises you never thought you could. One of the BIGGEST injuries/concerns while training abs is the “my neck hurts”. It can be extremely hard to concentrate on the exercise properly when your in pain and your mind is elsewhere. Usually the cause of neck pain while doing crunches means your form is compromised and you aren’t performing them correctly. Here are some ways to fix your form: – Don’t strain your neck. Many of us tend to jerk our heads forward when performing crunches because it may produce momentum and make the exercise easier to complete. This puts large amounts of strain on the muscles at the back of your neck but it also reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. When performing crunches try to think of your core muscles doing all the work and engage them as best you can, this may take some focus but it gets easier! – Don’t hold your hands behind your neck. If you place your hands behind you neck this may tempt you to pull yourself forward. Instead try resting your hands on your stomach or on the floor. Alternatively if your neck is not strong enough to stay upright throughout the exercise, place your hands behind your ears to support it, but do not pull forward on your neck. A great tip to remember is there needs to be a gap the size of a fist between your chin and upper chest. Do not rush crunches. Take your time. Do them slowly and correctly, and you will find your muscles become stronger the more you do and eventually you will be able to tell the difference of pulling yourself up through your core and your neck. – Try place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This is a quick trick you can try when crunching! Doing this well help relax your neck muscles and reduce strain.