NAME: Jess Wright




This month I have interviewed a very talented and dedicated Personal Trainer who I work with at Goodlife Robina! She truly is a trainer who has a real love for fitness and the drive to help others succeed in their own health and fitness goals. I hope you find her interview as insightful as I did. =) If you have any questions or a professional you’d like interviewed comment below! Hope you enjoy.

1.How many days per week do YOU work out?

ANSWER: I love to train! I try to have Sundays off but always end up at the gym. So lets say 7 days. =)

2.What do YOU eat before and after a workout?

ANSWER: Pre workout is always a small serve of sweet potato, chicken, and green vege. Post workout is 50g brown rice, 200g greens with a small tin of tuna.

Q3.What cardio do you do and how often?

ANSWER: Love Love my cardio! So I try and do sprints 4 times per week and 2-3 HIIT circuits! Love a good sweat up and a challenge!

Q4.What is your favorite exercise?

ANSWER: It’s a love hate relationship with Legs. Love the challenge of pushing through a hard heavy leg set. love my step ups and lunges also.

Q5.What’s your favorite type of exercise e.g (weights/HIIT/Cardio)BMProfile-Jess (6)

ANSWER: Hmmm….that’s a hard one! I need no motivation to pick up a dumbbell, but sometimes procrastinate before doing my HIIT – love the after feel of sprints so I would have to say I love them all equally.

Q6.What help’s you get motivated to workout?

ANSWER: Most people wouldn’t believe this but yes, I do struggle with motivation! I think it becomes hard with being a Personal Trainer and driving on and motivating others from 4.30am in the morning and then when it comes to training yourself, it seems impossible. My theory is, and this is what I tell my clients, is to think of training as a priority like brushing your teeth. No matter whats involved in your day, whether you’re tired or you’ve worked late, or you have had a bender night out and you get home at 5am, we always find the time to brush our teeth. So…. make training the same priority.

Q7.What’s your favorite recipe or meal?

ANSWER: My fav meal would be my Breakfast! Cooked Oats with my peanut butter protein powder, berries, unsweetened almond milk and a sprinkle of coconut. Oh my goodness!!!

Q8.What’s your favorite cheat meal?

ANSWER: I’m a sweet tooth for sure so it would always be chocolate or lollies, but I have recently cut out the refined sugar so chest meal these days would be a Big Grilled burger and chips followed by a raw desert of some sort. I have just recently been introduced to Hugo Burger in Nobbys and oh my goodness this place would have to be my new fav.

Q9.What advice would you give someone who is having trouble with results? They’re exercising but can’t seem to get their food on track? Is food really that important?

ANSWER: Food is absolutely No.1. I cant stress this enough with my clients. You can train everyday and go hard and heavy, but what goes into your body when you leave the gym is what is going to make or break your results. I often have my clients come in just for a one on one chat about nutrition, and I just get right into my zone. I love to educate others on what they think is eating healthy. Weight loss aside, we only get one body, so we need to nourish it and look after it as much as we can so we can live longer, healthier and energetic lives.

Q10.What advice would you give to someone who’s stopped seeing results but still training?BMProfile-Jess (1)

ANSWER: Change it up!! If you’re not seeing changes, you need to make changes! Try and do something everyday that you least enjoy or are no good at! This for me would be the rowing machine. I can’t stand that thing and whats worse i’m crap at it!! So I try and smash out my HIIT sessions with the rower in it. (yep I still hate it haha)

Q11.What advice would you give to a women starting out exercising?

ANSWER: Take it slow. Don’t try and jump right in and train 7 days in a row! You will get bored and burn out. Set out small weekly goals at the start of the week and tick them off as you go. Week one may be *one RPM *1 PT session + 1 walk. You need to create a habit so you will be consistent with it in years to come. Same with your nutrition! Small goals eg. no takeaways this week etc.

Q12.What do you believe is the most important when starting a new client out?

ANSWER: I believe it is not only showing them new exercises etc, but educating them. Eg. why they are doing a particular exercise. Why is it good for their heart rate to be up etc. So they don’t just train everyday and not know exactly why they’re doing what they are doing.

Q13.You have just started prepping for your first comp…what made you decide to compete?

ANSWER: Goodness what the hell am I doing?? haha!!! I get nervous even with this simple question haha. I decided to take it on to mainly experience the journey. I’m pretty strict on myself and disciplined so figured it was time to step it up, get a coach and see what this body can do! If my coach tells to to run up Mt Warning right now, I would do it. So I am very excited to put my trust in someone and transform x.

Q14. Do you have any tips for getting through the girly week? Do u still train?

ANSWER: Just like the “brushing of the teeth” Hayley. I would not let this stop me at all. I understand some women do experience a lot of pain and are bed ridden at this time as some get it worse than others. I say listen to your body to a certain extent, but don’t use the “girly week” as an excuse to not exercise and eat chocolate. It will make you just feel worse!!!

Q15. How often do you believe someone is required to train per week to stay on track and reach weight loss goals?

ANSWER: I think it really depends on what and how you are training. If someone is walking, light jogging, Pilates class, this would be something you would do everyday. If your sessions are high intensity and specific to your goals then rest days are important. As you know (as above) I chose not to have a rest days – but this is simply because I love to train! I love heavy high intensity sessions and even a simple walk outside can stop me from hitting the fridge! That’s one thing I am struggling with this comp prep. The rest days!!! I think if you’re unsure, don’t plan a rest day, just listen to your body. You will know when it needs a break.
Q16. What made you choose to become a personal trainer? Have you always done personal training?BMProfile-Jess (3)

ANSWER: I have always been into fitness, joining the Les Mills gym in NZ when i was 16. Even before this i used to jump on mum’s cross trainer every morning before school. (this machine was by their bed so would workout while they slept). I was obsessed with fitness, I loved it! After moving to the Gold Coast I’d come home each day in tears after being so unhappy in my job. My partner John was sick of seeing me this upset and me hating waking up everyday so, he made me quit my job and enrolled me in for My PT course. It was scary for me at first even though fitness was my life anyway. But i practiced what i preached and gave it my all and now I’ve never been happier. I love my life and I have John to thank for that.

Q17. What would you say is the key behind your success as a personal trainer?

ANSWER: Never give up!!!! If you are passionate about fitness and love to educate others, then do it!! You need to put in a lot of your own time and always stay positive. If you believe in what you’re doing, then don’t let anyone or anything bring you down. Stay focused and be the best you can be. There is nothing more rewarding than educating others on Training and Nutrition and helping them to live longer, healthier, happier lives.
***Well said Jess 😉***