NAME: Ellie Hulme

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/balancedremedialsolutions/


This month I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Ellie who has found her calling with Remedial Massage. Her enthusiasm and thirst for new knowledge will certainly carry her far with her career. And wow, I found another person who loves burpees! If you have any questions from Ellie not answered in the interview please comment below. Hope you enjoy =)


1.How many days per week do YOU work out?

ANSWER: Yum, about 3-5 times depending on how I’m feeling. Generally I try to do 5 and have the weekends off!

2.What cardio do you do and how often?

ANSWER: I don’t really just do cardio. I’ll generally do 8 or 9 weighted exercises and finish with hiit cardio of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I do this every time I workout. I get bored doing just weights or just cardio so by combining the two I don’t get bored. Plus when I finish a workout sweaty, I’m happy!

Q3.What is your favorite exercise?

ANSWER: Back Squats! I love them. Oh, actually I also love box jumps and burpees. They’re all my favorites! Squats because they’re exhausting, box jumps because they’re explosive, I just feel they’re a strong exercise. Then burpees, head to toes are just exhausting and I love that feeling.11209760_10153850682179676_8084127677413620793_n

Q4.What’s your favorite type of exercise e.g( weights/HIIT/Cardio )

ANSWER: Definitely Hiit! I just love it because it’s a head to toe smashing. Plus you don’t get bored, you’re on the clock and you get in and get it done. So you can get an awesome workout in just half an hour.

Q5.What help’s you get motivated to workout?

ANSWER: A friend, having a partner that I’m committed too. I do boxing on a Friday and it’s quite early in the morning, if I didn’t have my friend I was going with I probably wouldn’t go. Also wanting to feel good in myself. If I feel strong I feel confident. If I slack off then I get disappointed in myself. So the feeling of feeling good and having a friend to workout with.

Q6.What’s your favorite recipe or meal?

ANSWER: That’s so hard! I do have a new favorite recipe a friend shared with me that I absolutely love, maybe because it’s easy. It’s quinoa and brown rice, with grilled chicken soaked in teriyaki. Then cucumber, fetta, capsicum and macadamias. The sauce was pre-bought but you could make your own, mix garlic, soy sauce and coconut sugar and marinate the chicken, that which is really yummy.
But my actual FAVORITE food is cereal! Just any!

Q7.What’s your cheat meal?

ANSWER: My favorite cheat meal would be…..Well three different things but I’ll get them together. A chicken burger from the corner store with calamari. Or pizza and calamari. The pizza is amazing.

Q8.What advice would you give to a women starting out exercising?

ANSWER: Start with a goal, but it needs to be a defined goal. What do I want and why do I want it and be specific. Then have little reminders for yourself, whether it’s on your phone or the fridge. Then maybe find that one person who can motivate you, see how you’re going and keep you on track.

Q9.How long have you been a Remedial Therapist?

ANSWER: For about 9 months.

Q10.What did you do before you started Balanced Remedial Solutions?

ANSWER: I ran an after school care program for children at Mount St Pat’s in Murwillumbah for 5 years. We did after school care and vacation programs which was great fun. We had so many awesome activities.

Q11.What made you decide to change careers?

ANSWER: Since I was about 17 I’ve wanted to do something with the body but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I tried PT when I was 18 but didn’t think it was for me. Then I thought Physio but then I got into remedial massage and fell in love with it and did my Advanced Diploma. That was me all over, I was done! I’ve loved it ever since.

Q12.How important do you believe maintenance is via massage or remedial therapies when you exercise regularly?

ANSWER: I think it’s vital. If your stretching and really maintaining your body then that’s a step in the right direction and will be very beneficial. But then having that extra release through remedial soft tissue even just once a month will help a lot.

Q13.What would be your biggest tip to give others to avoid injury when exercising?

ANSWER: Foam rolling! Also warming up and stretching, but active stretching not just static movements. Then ‘always’ roll and stretch after your workout. Also a huge one is good form! Don’t rush exercises and push through reps you can’t do, If you can’t complete 10 reps with good form then do 6-8 and work up.

Q14. If you experience pain other than normal muscle soreness how long would you recommend leaving before it’s essential to visit someone?

ANSWER: If your not feeling better within 2-4 days then I’d recommend having it check out. But it really depends on what you’ve done. So, if there is NO change after 2 days then have the problem checked out.

Q15. Is there any big no no’s in exercise that you see on a day to day basis that you wish people would stop?

ANSWER: Oh, one is kettlebell swings. When they’re back is in the totally wrong position I cringe and think, ‘oh my god you’re going to kill your back!’ Also Deadlifts. I can’t stand it when people are so concerned with getting that heavy weight they sacrifice form.