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About Me

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My passion is to help women become the best version of themselves and feel confident in their own skin, no more yo-yo dieting and countless hours in the gym. Learn how to reach your goals while still enjoying delicious food, no calorie counting and only a handful of hours exercise per week with our personal transformation coaching.


I have always lived an active lifestyle with 17 years of ballet which then led to me to the fitness world. My business has always been female based as I started with ballet based fitness, yet the more I came to learn, the more I realised female physiology and the way we need to eat and train to nourish our body is far different to that of males, so why not become an expert in this field rather than being a “jack of all trades”.

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I work with pre and post natal women to help them stay safe and healthy during pregnancy and regain strength and confidence after. I am also passionate about female physiology, women are not the same as men and as such we need to eat and train differently. I help you achieve the body you want all while taking into account your monthly cycle, as this is something that “usually” happens each month its only practical we take this into consideration to achieve the best possible results.


So a bit about me personally. At 24 I completed my last ballet exam I would do as I had been pushing through injuries, which I knew wasn’t healthy but I just loved dancing. It was then I decided if I taught ballet based fitness classes I could still maintain an element of what I’d always enjoyed. The rest you could say is “history”. I fell in love with fitness, health and how exercising made me feel, especially weight training. I ran a small studio for 4 years and then operated my business from a commercial gym for 3 years. I am also studying a Bachelors in Exercise Science with the goal of becoming an Exercise Physiologist one day. Then just over a year ago I began a whole new journey, the one of motherhood and have a beautiful little girl who’s my little sidekick. During my pregnancy I gained about 13kg weight but I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who could exercise until the day they gave birth. I didn’t exercise myself other than walking from about 6 months pregnant due to lower back and groin pain. Pregnancy and post birth really has opened my eyes and made me really appreciate the female body and what it’s capable of as well as huge psychological changes to the way I approach fitness and health with myself and my clients (whether a mother or not). I have never been the “skinny” girl, I have always had to work hard to maintain my body shape and size, I grew up in front of the mirror with ballet criticising everything about my body and this I came to realise followed me into adulthood. Pregnancy forced me to let go of these ideas as of course I was going to put on weight and the health of my baby was my number one priority. Postpartum I was kind to myself “I’d just grown and pushed out a little human after all!” so needed time to recover. It was in these early days of maternity leave that I took the opportunity to further my knowledge and learn a nutrition system that not only works but is sustainable! No more calorie counting and eating like a rabbit or spending countless hours in the gym working my butt off! I have had my biggest personal body transformation yet while exercising less and eating more, who wouldn’t want that! 😉


So I’m back into working on my business and can’t wait to help other women reach their fitness goals as well as empower you to live your best life yet!