Do you look after your hair? No, washing with cheap shampoo and conditioner a few times a week and having a trim twice a year doesn’t count. Here is a list from a leading hairdresser on the Gold Coast of must have products to keep your hair looking luscious and healthy.



We have all been to the Hairdresser at some point in our life and had a stylist mention using regular treatments in our hair and thought “oh she’s just trying to sell me something I don’t really need….Girls! We are saying this for a reason. Whether your hair is in terribly poor condition or virgin healthy hair, all hair needs maintenance. Some hair treatments can be as quick as 60 seconds whilst others can be left in overnight. There are so many to choose from and I can guarantee there will be one suitable for every type of hair. Next time you’re at the hairdressers have a chat to your stylist about what will work for you. Whether it’s done weekly, fortnightly or monthly your hair will thank you for it.



Like our skin our hair can become very dry over time. From to much chemical processing, to much sun or just from using your hair straighter to often. Most hair moisturisers are leave in and will be applied to damp hair and can be left to dry naturally or blow dried in. It will give your hair the protection it needs from sun damage and styling tools. Extremely dry & damaged hair will need a heavy duty repair moisturiser and will be your holy grail to repairing your hair. Some include smoothing creme, de-frizz or Argan oil. Shop around until you find the perfect one for you.


Heat Protectant

Imagine sun baking your skin every single day and not using sunscreen. What would your skin look like. This is exactly what you’re doing to your hair. Think of like we use sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun. Heat protectant will do the same for your hair. Rather than the styling tool burning your hair, it will burn the product whilst giving you the exact same style. Enough product should be used so that your hair will steam & not sizzle.
Look for one that also includes a humidity defence for a long lasting style.

*Tip – To find out whether your heat protectant is strong enough, spray it onto the palm of your hand and blow dry your hand. Your hand shouldn’t get overly hot! If it does it’s probably not strong enough.


Dry shampoo

The absolute holy grail, life saving product that every lazy person should have. Although I am a hairdresser I absolutely HATE washing my own hair. It takes me way too long and I prolong washing my hair as long as I can. So if this sounds like you. Start buying it by the dozen. Never mind your hair colour they come in all different colour assortments. Just spray onto your roots in the morning before styling, give it a good brush in & your hair looks freshly washed. It can even help to blend in your regrowth.

*Tip for blondes. – If you’ve run out of dry shampoo and slept past your alarm and are feeling like an oil stick! Baby powder will also do the trick, just make sure you thoroughly brush it in.


Colour masque

For blondes (toner)
Are you always finding within a week of hair colour being done, your hair is already looking brassy and dull. No matter how much hard work is done at the salon home maintenance is always required.  Purple shampoos or toning colour masques are a must do for every blonde. Talk to your hairdresser about a suitable one for you.
For Redheads & Vibrant Colours
Redheads and vibrant colours will always fade faster than any other colour. Colour shampoo & conditioner will help but regular colour masks will keep your colour looking fierce for longer. Most are applied after shampooing and can be left in for up to 20 minutes. Not only will your colour be completely refreshed again, you will save money.
For Brunettes
Brown colour hair is, and always will be the easiest hair colour to maintain. However this doesn’t mean that home maintenance isn’t required. Whenever your hair is starting to feel lifeless & dull, revamp it with a quick colour mask or treatment to get that freshly coloured glow again.