This lower-body focused circuit can be completed in a short amount of time, minimum space and equipment, so there are no excuses.
It’s also suitable for all ages as it focuses on improving mobility, engaging the core, and strengthening the posterior chain (back of the body), which will help improve posture and prevent injury. Make sure you warm you before you start with some jogging on the spot or star jumps to get the blood pumping through every part of the body
When doing this workout complete all repetitions of the exercise before moving on to the next. There’s minimal rest in the circuit, which means the heart rate is elevated throughout. Also remember to always stretch after a workout.

Single Leg Glute Bridge x 10 each leg

I like to start with this exercise, as it means the glutes are now engaged for the rest of the circuit. Lift one leg in the air (no need to keep straight). Keep your core tight as you slowly exhale and lift your hips off the ground, pause, then slowly lower down.

Forward lunge & Knee Lift x 10 each leg

Lean slightly forward as you step back into the lunge, and drive through the front heel to come back up to the starting position lifting your back knee up high into a kick, step back into a lunge to repeat. This will make sure you’re using the glutes and hamstrings. Complete 10 on the first leg before moving to the second side and try not putting your working leg down in between lunges.

Dumbbell Stiff-leg Deadlift x 20

Standing with feet hip width apart holding dumbbells in front of your legs. Relax your knees slightly and walk the weights down towards your toes keeping your back completly straight. Once you feel a pull in your hamstrings squeeze your glutes and come back up straight. For those with know weights or just starting out try with no weights keepsing legs nearly straight. You will still achieve a good result and also improve flexibility.

Repeat all exercises 5 times through with as little break in between exercises as possible.
Doing glute focused exercises regularly as well as a healthy diet will help build a tight butt in no time!

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