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limited time offer!

Transformation Coaching FROM $49.95 for the first 10 women ONLY!

(this pricing for online only)

My name is Hayley

I am the creator of Body Motion’s BMFit. I specialise in female fitness and health and absolutely everything that comes along with being a female.

More about Hayley
Online / In-person
  • Transformation Coaching

  • from$49/weekly
    • Learn how to optimise fat burning potential through the foods you choose to eat and when!
    • NO counting calories, NO cutting carbs, NO marathon workouts.
    • Eat without feeling deprived or dieting.
    • Achieve and maintain your results even when life gets busy.
    • Only exercise 2-3 hours per week.

Online / In-person
  • Strength Training

  • from$60/weekly
    • 45 minute focused intense resistance exercise sessions suitable for all ages and fitness levels. (FIRE sessions)
    • Tone up, fire your metabolism and burn more fat!
    • Increase strength and build muscle
    • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
    • Break through plateaus with weight loss and strength goals
    • Receive the Fat Loss Special Report FREE!

  • Group Training

  • from$20/session
    • 40 minute intense cardiovascular exercise sessions designed for all fitness levels. (ICE sessions)
    • Designed to create a fat burning metabolic environment to speed up results!
    • The latest research in exercise & fat loss
    • Great fitness-orientated, social atmosphere
    • Receive the Fat Loss Special Report FREE!
    • We train as a group to encourage, motivate and support

What our clients say